For all your international dealings, ACT’L offers a network of experienced interpreters accustomed to high level international conferences. ACT’L also provides a complete logistics service for installing booths and sound and video equipment plus technical support. Depending on the nature of the event (conference, convention, seminar, press conference, business meeting, factory visit, informal meeting, etc.), ACT’L will advise on several types of interpreting:


  • Simultaneous


    This type of interpreting is the commonest and best suited to conventions. It requires the use of booths or portable equipment. The interpreter, with headphones and a microphone, hears the phrase to be translated and simultaneously translates it.

  • Consecutive


    This is interpreting in sequences, during which the interpreter passes on the message from speakers at regular intervals. Consecutive interpreting is suited to business meetings or press conferences. No equipment is necessary. *

  • Direct or whispered

    Direct or whispered

    Direct interpreting is advised for factory visits, informal meetings or negotiations in small groups. The interpreter sits near the person concerned and whispers a translation of what is said. No equipment is necessary. *


* In some cases, ACT’L recommends the use of an easily transportable kit consisting of a microphone and several headsets.